The Golden Bride – Rumshinsky



Opera Fuoco’s young artists travel to Sweden with this quintessential 1923 Yiddish operetta, “Die Goldene Kale,” featuring music by Joseph Rumshinsky, lyrics by Louis Gilrod and a libretto by Frieda Freiman. Originally shown at the Second Avenue Theater, the heart of “Jewish Broadway” on the Lower East Side, this farcical, tuneful romance, part old-fashioned musical comedy, part operetta, is a fantasy that spoke directly to the hopes and dreams of the immigrant community. The story of the feisty Goldele, a rediscovered musical gem, enjoyed a revival at the National Yiddish Theater in New York in 2015 and a performance by Opera Fuoco at the Mona Bismarck American Center in 2016.



Saturday 18th of May 2019

Örebro Concert Hall (Sweden)


Past season

16th of September 2016 – Mona Bismarck American Center (Paris 16)


Alexandre Artemenko – Pinkhes

Martin Candela – Misha

Jennifer Courcier – Toybe

Axelle Fanyo – Khane

Alexandre Pradier – Jérôme, Yankl, Motke, Berke

Julie Prola – Goldele

Natalie Pérez – Kalmen


Swedish Chamber Orchestra

Direction – David Stern



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