Oct 25 2021


7:30 pm

Encounter-Concert - The Vocal Universe of Kaija Saariaho


Iryna Kyshliaruk – Soprano

Lucie Peyramaure – Soprano

Floriane Hasler – Mezzo-soprano

Rémy Bres-Feuillet - Countertenor

Thomas Ricart - Tenor

Léo Vermot-Desroches - Tenor

Halidou Nombre – Baryton

Aymeric Biesemans – Baryton-basse

Charlotte Gauthier – Piano


Kaija Saariaho‘s lyric works represent a rich and expressive musical universe. The poetry of her writing and the tapestry of sounds she conjures between vocal and instrumental lines give her music a truly unique quality.

The concert follows a five-day Masterclass during which Opera Fuoco’s Young Artists have intensely worked with both the composer herself and conductor David Stern - an exceptional opportunity for artists and audience alike to enter the creative imagination of one of the leading composers of our time and to witness the live interpretation of works which will become part of the 21st century’s vocal canon.