Nov 26 2021


All Day

L’amor conjugale, Giovanni Simone Mayr – Disc release


Chantal Santon-Jeffery – Zeliska

Natalie Pérez – Floreska

Andrés Agudelo – Amorveno

Bastien Rimondi – Ardelao

Olivier Gourdy – Peters

Adrien Fournaison – Moroski

Opera Fuoco Orchestra

Direction – David Stern

A daring wife disguises herself in order to be hired as a prison guard and manages to rescue her unjustly detained husband: the story of Leonora, taken from the French novel by Jean-Nicolas Bouilly, is familiar to us through Beethoven’s only opera, Fidelio. The same story also inspired Giovanni Simone Mayr, a German composer who lived and taught in Bergamo. An adept of Italian bel canto, he counted Gaetano Donizetti as one of his pupils. L’Amor Coniugale brought Mayr great success following its 1805 premiere in Padua, and was revived many times. Matrimony is not only at the centre of the plot, but also of the composer’s style, which cleverly combines orchestral writing inherited from Mozart and Haydn with the Italian vocal writing, which makes Mayr’s music highly appealing. Revisited by David Stern and his company Opera Fuoco in a complete, critical version, this is an essential addition to the nineteenth-century opera canon. The recording brings together threee generations of soloists from Opera Fuoco’s Young Artist Program which has nurtured and revealed vocal talent since its creation in 2008.