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Opera Fuoco, the Paris-based international opera company is dedicated to lyric repertoire from the mid- 18th century to the present. Founded and directed by American conductor David Stern in 2003, Opera Fuoco combines an ambitious young artist program and international performance season with one of the most versatile instrumental ensembles in Paris. Its growing world-wide reputation as a launchpad for young singers has made it one of the most sought-after young artist programs in France.


Opera Fuoco offers a unique, custom-made experience to young singers transitioning from conservatory to professional life in a rigorous yet supportive environment. Singers are able to work with conductor David Stern, experienced vocal coaches and stage directors in various contexts ranging from masterclasses and recitals to large-scale performances with orchestra and fully staged opera productions.


Co-founded by David Stern and violinist Katharina Wolff, the Opera Fuoco Orchestra follows the same guiding principal as do the vocal soloists and studio singers - always finding a relationship between music and the text. As an ensemble varying in size depending on the repertoire, Opera Fuoco’s spirit of chamber music is ever present, and its highly regarded players are often featured as instrumental soloists. Members are equally well versed in period playing as they are in « modern » playing, adapting their instruments and style according to the repertoire, and most have been part of Opera Fuoco for over ten years.


Les solistes instrumentistes d’Opera Fuoco se sont joints aux chanteurs de la compagnie lyrique pour fonder Fuoco Obbligato, un ensemble chambriste couvrant un répertoire allant des cantates baroques aux chants folkloriques du XXème siècle. 


Fuoco Jazz is a new branch of Opera Fuoco’s Young Artist Program, which aims to stretch the boundaries to explore a new range of expression.


Opera Fuoco est une compagnie lyrique, au rayonnement international, basée à Paris et interessée au répertoire lyrique du milieu du 18èmesiècle à aujourd’hui. Fondée et dirigée par le chef d’orchestre américain David Stern, Opera Fuoco associe un Atelier Lyrique, programme ambitieux pour jeunes chanteurs, à une saison musicale internationale avec l’un des ensembles instrumentaux les plus polyvalents de Paris.