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Latte e Miele – Fuoco Obbligato

Latte e Miele – Fuoco Obbligato


Latte e Miele – Fuoco Obbligato


In this program of baroque obbligato arias, Fuoco Obbligato explores the human relationship with nature in its musical expression and poetic context.

We begin in the kingdom of love, with images of the ocean’s pearls, a flowing brook and milk dripping from ancient oaks - an evocative landscape full of promise in which the instrumental lines are melodious and sensual. We transition to a terrain of unrequited and lost love reflected by the mournful warbling of a flute, a lonely violin echoing the voice, or an eerie tapestry of sparse and hollow instrumental interjections in Rameau’s Lieux désolez which creates an atmosphere of utter anguish. Vivaldi’s aria brings us out of the melancoly depths, in which the lively 3/8 rhythm of the violin consoles the protagonist, and a spirited cello line propels us back to the anticipation of amorous encounters. Ultimately the soft breezes of Bach’s wedding cantata join with Boyce’s uplifting aria which speaks of flowing sweets and spicy gardens.



David Stern - Conductor


Anna Cavaliero – Soprano

Anne-Lise Polchlopek – Mezzo-soprano

Guy Elliott - Tenor

Jean Bregnac - Flute

Katharina Wolff - Violin

Jennifer Hardy - Cello

Kenneth Weiss - Harpsichord


L’empire de l’amour

BACHCantate BWV 182, Sinfonia 

KEISERFredegunda, « Vieni a me dolce oggetto »

BACHCantate BWV 204, « Meine Seele sei vergnügt »

CAMPRAIdomenée, « Coulez ruisseau »

MARCELLOArianna, « Latte e Mele »

Lieux désolés

LAMPEDione, « Pretty warblers »

FACCOLas Amazonas, « Qué será, cielos, de mi »

RAMEAULes Boréades, « Lieux désolez »

VIVALDIOttone in Villa, « Guarda in questi occhi »

Les envolées du coeur

RAMEAUCantate L’impatience, « L’impatience »

BACHCantate BWV 202, « Wenn die Frühlingslüfte streichen »

BOYCESolomon, « Softly rise, O southern breeze »


Saturday, September 17, 2022 - 17:30
Château d’Ecouen – Musée National de la Renaissance Rue Jean Bullant, 95440 Ecouen

Free entry upon reservation with limited seating
Reservation Required