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The Golden Bride – Rumshinsky

Opera Fuoco’s young artists travel to Sweden with this quintessential 1923 Yiddish operetta, “Die Goldene Kale,” featuring music by Joseph Rumshinsky, lyrics by Louis Gilrod and a libretto by Frieda Freiman. Originally shown at the Second Avenue Theater, the heart of “Jewish Broadway” on the Lower East Side, this farcical, tuneful romance, part old-fashioned musical comedy, part operetta, is a fantasy that spoke directly to the hopes and dreams of the immigrant community. The story of the feisty Goldele, a rediscovered musical gem, enjoyed a revival at the National Yiddish Theater in New York in 2015 and a performance by Opera Fuoco at the Mona Bismarck American Center in 2016.


Saturday 18th of May 2019
Örebro Concert Hall (Sweden)

Past Season

16 septembre 2016
Mona Bismarck American Center (Paris 16)


Alexandre Artemenko – Pinkhes
Martin Candela – Misha
Sophia Stern – Toybe
Axelle Fanyo – Khane
Benoît Rameau – Jérôme, Yankl, Motke, Berke
Dania El Zein – Goldele
Natalie Pérez – Kalmen

Juliette Allen

Swedish Chamber Orchestra

Conductor – David Stern