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Nov 24 2018


8:30 pm

Berenice che fai ?

This concert celebrates Opera Fuoco’s latest recording, featuring three former members of the Opera Fuoco studio. Berenice is a compilation of late Baroque and early Classical works based principally on Metastasio’s famous 18th-century opera scene “Ah Berenice” from his opera Antigono. Not only was the scene set to music by such composers as Haydn and Hasse, but also by Antonio Maria Mazzoni and Marianna Martinez, a composer of Spanish descent who was widely connected to the Viennese music scene and, for a time, lived in the same noble house as Metastasio and Haydn at Grosse Michelstrasse.

The young Mozart’s concert aria “Berenice” and Johann Christian Bach’s aria “Confusa, smarrita” from the composer’s lost pasticcio opera, Berenice, as well as Hasse’s Antigono overture complement the program.


Johann Adolf Hasse

Sinfonia de l’opéra Antigono / Allegro di molto – Andantino – Allegro di molto (Dresde – 1743)

Antigono scena « Ah Berenice, che fai ? » / Recitativo – Un poco lento ma poco – Presto 

Johann Christian Bach
Aria de l’opéra Catone in Utica “Confusa smarrita » / Andante espressivo (Londres – 1764) 

Mariana Martinez
Scena “Ah Berenice, che fai ?”/ Recitativo – Andante – Allegro assai (Vienne – 1767) 

Antonio Mazzoni
Antigono scena “Ah Berenice, che fai ?”  / Récitativo – Andantino grazioso – Allegro (Lisbonne – 1755)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Recitativo et aria “Berenice… Sol nascente” (Salzburg – 1767)

Franz-Joseph Haydn
Scena di Berenice “Ah Berenice, che fai ?” (Vienne – 1795)



Chantal Santon – soprano
Natalie Perez – mezzo-soprano
Axelle Fanyo – soprano
Opera Fuoco Orchestra

Direction – David Stern