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May 11 2019


8:30 pm

Die Stumme Serenade – Korngold

What a scandal! In the city of Naples, tensions are high. That very night, in prime minister Lugarini’s villa, his mistress, the actress Silvia Lombardi, discovers a stranger in her room while a plot to assassinate the head of state is revealed! Investigations, conspiracies, seduction and scandals make up the fabric of Die Stumme Serenade (The Silent Serenade).

In this miniature masterpiece, Erich Korngold combines elements of jazz, film music and the Viennese operetta tradition. Die Stumme Serenade brings to the stage some of the classic plot twists so often portrayed in the Golden Age of American cinema.



Die Stumme Serenade – Opéra d’Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Libretto by Victor Clement
Premiered in Dortmund in 1954



Stage director – Olivier Dhénin
Artistic director – David Stern



Louise – Juliette Allen
Sylvia – Dania El Zein
Margherita – Natalie Perez
Emilie – Justine Vultaggio
Pauline – Alexia Macbeth
Andrea – Olivier Bergeron
Sam – Olivier Gourdy
Caretto – Louis Roullier
Premier Ministre – Marco Angioloni

Opera Fuoco Orchestra

Direction – David Stern



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