Sep 19 2021

Fuoco Obbligato – Tête-à-tête #2

➜ Sunday, September 19 at the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire de Meudon - Festival OuVERTures

[Duration: about 45 minutes]

In this program of musical dialogues, we find a colorful baroque tapestry in which birds and beasts come to life, in which pearls of joy coexist with devastating tears, in which loving gazes are renounced, and a lonely echo consoles the unhappy heart. 

The arias each present a different conversation between singer and instrumentalist - they listen to each other, they sometimes tease, imitate, even motivate each other - yet all dialogues illustrate the full gamut of emotions evoked by the texts. Whether complementary or conflicting, the two “voices” allow both the composer and listener to explore the subtleties and inflections of the subtext, of the unspoken feelings that accompany the turbulent and complex terrain of love. 

The nightingale, always last to sing in the evening, draws the curtain on this program of obbligato arias with a playful dance movement, "Pour le Rossignol" from an overture by Johann Joseph Fux. 



Anna Cavaliero, soprano

Rémy Bres, contre-ténor

Katharina Wolff, violon

Jean Bregnac, flûte traverso

Patricia Lavail, flûte à bec

Jérôme Huille, violoncelle

Clément Geoffroy, clavecin


Program of the concert 

  • Antonio VIVALDI Orlando finto pazzo – « Se garrisce la rondinella » (Ersilla) – soprano/violon

  • Nicola Antonio Giacinto PORPORA Deianira, Iole e Ercole – “Scuote la chioma d’oro” (Deianira) – contre-ténor/violoncelle

  • Johann Sebastian BACH BWV 204, « Ich Bin In Mir Vergnügt » – 6. Meine Seele Sei Vergnügt – soprano/flûte traversière

  • Giacomo FACCO Las Amazonas de Espana – “Qué sera cielos de mi” (Celauro) – contre-ténor/violon

  • Benedetto Giacomo MARCELLO Arianna – « Come mai poi vedermi piangere » (Arianna) – soprano/flûte traversière

  • Georg Caspar SCHÜRMANN Die getreue Alceste – « Gute Nacht, ihr schönsten Blicke » (Admetus) – contre-ténor/violoncelle

  • Johann Joseph FUX Ouverture nr.4 en ré – Pour le rossignol – (instrumental)