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Master class – Natures/Humans

Master class – Natures/Humans



It was during Richard Strauss’s tenure at the Munich Court Opera, from 1894-98, that he became known as a major Mozart interpreter. Already in 1879 he wrote in a letter to his friend Ludwig Thuille: "The abundance of the ideas, the harmonic richness, and yet the sense of proportion, the marvelous, lovely, tender, delightful ideas themselves, the delicate accompaniment. Yet one can't play anything like that any more! All you get now is drivel; either twittering or brash roaring and crashing or sheer musical nonsense. While Mozart, with few means, says everything a listener could desire to be refreshed and truly entertained and edified, the others use all the means at their disposal to say absolutely nothing, or hardly anything. The world is crazy! To blazes with it!” 

Similarly, much of Mozart’s music, during the height of the classical period, searches to abandon the luxurious nature of baroque style for a music that focuses on the proportions and clean lines that visual artists sought as well, and that are on display in numerous neo-classic works in the permanent collection of the Petit Palais and in the architecture of the museum itself.  

Opera Fuoco propose un programme concentré sur des airs de concert et des Lieder qui mettront en lumière les liens entre Mozart et Strauss, deux des plus grands peintres textuels de l’histoire de la musique vocale. Pour la semaine de master classe, Reri Grist, l’une des légendes de l’opéra des années 1960, se joindra à David Stern pour partager avec les chanteurs de l’Atelier Lyrique sa riche expérience dans ce répertoire. 



David Stern – Musical direction

Reri Grist - Guest Artist


Iryna Kyshliaruk – Soprano

Lucie Peyramaure – Soprano

Solène Laurent – Mezzo-soprano

Rémy Brès-Feuillet - Countertenor

Aymeric Biesemans - Baritone

Halidou Nombre - Baritone

Daegyun Jeong - Baritone

Charlotte Gauthier – Piano


Master class open to the public
Saturday, October 8, 2022
Sunday, October 9, 2022

Auditorium du Petit Palais
Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008 Paris