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Weill – Lady in the dark – preview

Salle Ravel, Levallois - February 7th 2020, 8.30 PM

Réservation :

Paris psychoanalysis

From Zeitoper to musical : 

During the show's run in the early 1940s in New York, Kurt Weill was admired by the the entire American musical scene. The dramaturg and theater director Moss Hart and the famous librettist Ira Gershwin opened up the world of Broadway to the composer, and collaborated with him in creating Lady in the Dark, a sophisticated musical synthesis of American Swing and music from the Berlin of the années folles, with a story based on intrigue, glamour and the latest developments in psycho-analysis. 

The protagonist, Liza Elliott, is the unhappy female editor of a fashion magazine, Allure, who is undergoing psychoanalysis. Dany Kaye was part off the original cast in 1941 and became a star based on his performance of the song « Tschaikowsky ». Two other memorable musical standards from this show are "My Ship" and « Jenny ». For this new production, Opera Fuoco & David Stern will collaborate with the talented director Benjamin Prins. 

Semi-staging – Benjamin Prins

Artistic collaboration – Pénélope Driant

Setting, costumes, accessories – Maximilien Vidal & OPERA ZUID – Maastricht

Choreography – Willy Laury

Lights, stage management – Yannick Daniel

stage trainee – Tanguy Carrée


Liza Elliott – Alexia Macbeth

Russell Paxton, Beekman, The Ringmaster – Matthieu Walendzik

Dr Brooks – Benjamin Prins

Miss Foster, Miss Sutton – Justine Vultaggio

Randy Curtis – Adrien Fournaison

Charley Johnson, Marine – Benoît Rameau

Kendall Nesbit, The Sepulcral voice – Louis Roullier

Maggie Grant – Juliette Allen

Alison Du Bois – Pénélope Driant

Tommy Steven, The President of the jury – Marco Angioloni

A Model – Jeanne Lefort

Russell Paxton’s Assistant – Dania El Zein

Delivery boy – Augustin Chemelle

Héloïse Vellard – Danseuse (Double de Liza)

Choeur – Augustin Chemelle, Dania El Zein, Louis Roullier, Jeanne Lefort, Benoît Rameau, Marco Angioloni, Justine Vultaggio

Piano and coach - Stéphane Petitjean