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Mar 17 2021

Il Pittor Parigino, Domenico Cimarosa
COVID 19: Annulé

Opéra comique, version mise en espace ➖ Durée : 1h40 environ

Cancelled due to Covid-19 crisis

  • 17 mars 2021 – 19h30 – MC2, Grenoble – Auditorium

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Distribution :

Eurilla – Juliette Allen  soprano
Cintia – Julie Goussot  soprano
Monsieur de Crotignac – Bastien Rimondi – ténor
Baron Cricca – Adrien Fournaison  baryton basse
Broccardo – Marco Angioloni  ténor

Opera Fuoco Orchestra

Direction – David Stern

Mise en espace – Jeanne Desoubeaux


Pursuing his mission of rediscovering little-known works and his commitment to the training of singers from his Young Artists Program, David Stern offers a production tailor-made for the MC2 in Grenoble, whose musical season explores the relationship between painting and music.

Domenico Cimarosa’s opera, with its twisting and turning plot and disarming cynicism fits the bill perfectly. The action takes place in Lyon at the residence of Eurilia, a young educated and enlightened woman, enamored with freedom and knowledge. Her father’s will stipulates that she will inherit his fortune on the sole condition that she marry a cantankerous baron named Cricca. Cricca commissions a young Parisian painter to paint the portrait of Eurilia, who falls head over heels in love with the artist. The young woman must therefore choose between accepting an imposed marriage or marrying the man she loves, thereby submitting to the constraints of a less comfortable life which will not allow her to fulfill her intellectual ambitions.

The dilemma has all the ingredients of the “civil farse”, a popular comedic genre in the years 1780-1800, of which Mozart’s “Cosi Fan Tutte” is one of the great examples. “Il Pittor parigino” is a testimony to the shifting social and artistic customs of its time with both a libretto putting forward a critique of the choices imposed on women and a score both efficient and light. This comic opera reflects the ideals of an era in search of justice and equality that are still relevant today.

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